Meri Takala is a multidisciplinary artist, designer and maker. This website focuses on her jewellery practice.

'I often pick up themes and influences from everyday life and my surroundings. I have a great fascination for the handmade and enjoy working low tech whenever possible.

Since moving to London in 2008, I’ve been heavily influenced by different aspects of time and how we perceive and value it. It’s one of the real commodities of today, something we easily feel we have too little or even none of. Yet it's there, it exists, we just have to choose wisely how to spend it. Time is precious. I've portrayed this in my work not only through process, but also by making visual representations of time (Time series).

My practice overall is very much ‘hands on’, which emphasizes the care and investment gone into each piece. I use traditional crafts techniques in a variety of materials including precious metals, textiles, plastics… and many more. Process is one of the keys to how I create. When researching materials, colour and feel come before price, but attention to detail is divided evenly.’



Meri graduated with a BA degree in stoneware and jewellery design from her native Finland in 2005, and went on to receive an MA in Metalwork and Jewellery (GSM&J) from the Royal College of Art, London, in 2010.

Outside her own creative practice Meri has gained valuable experience from leading workshops and running a gallery to doing commission work for both private and corporate customers.



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